I am a Software Engineer at Roon Labs, living in Switzerland.

I specialise for Search Technology, Information Retrieval, and occasionally NLP. These disciplines combine mathematics, statistics, linguistics, and software engineering - a powerful combination that brings a lot of value for people. Improving the search results even by 1% on a big scale has a massive effect overall and it warms my developer heart to know that what I do brings value to the customer and the company.

Primarily. I work with .NET Core C# and Elasticsearch. However, I firmly believe that these technologies are simply tools that bring us to our goals, and that we as professionals are obliged to understand the principles behind them. We should guide our decisions and communication based on these principles.

As a software engineer, I am a strong proponent in quality over quantity and stand behind the tenets of software craftmanship. Work half-done usually costs twice as much later with compound interest.

Originally I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and got my BSc. in Software Engineering at the Czech Technical University in the beautiful city of Prague.

As you might have noticed on the pictures, in my free time I like to dissapear in the mountains for ski touring, hiking, or rock climbing. My dog Wolfie is an obligatory companion. He’s quite independent and doesn’t mind me joining him.

Wolfie in his element

Thank You for reading!